. To make changes in your contact information on the Bat Yam membership roster, contact Brandon Minsky at Brandon@bitservicesfl.com. Please keep your information current.

.  Email Cheryl Fulmer at Fulmer.Cheryl@gmail.com with any Bat Yam news you wish to have published in L'Chayim, the Federation newsletter, and/or local Sanibel newspapers. The L'Chayim deadline for any month's issue is midweek of the first week of the previous month. The Island Reporter deadline is the beginning of the week before the desired issue.


. Contact Irene Skolnick at irkul42@gmail.com or 239-472--2217 with additions or corrections you have to the Yahrtzeit list.


. Email articles for the November Bat Yam bulletin to editor Marcia Rudin at marciarudin@aol.com by October 15th.


. In addition to contributions for general Bat Yam operations, congregants can now donate to four special funds -- The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, The Music Fund, The President’s Discretionary Fund, and the Social Action Fund.


. The Bat Yam Mahjong Group welcomes new members. Games are on Friday afternoons from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., alternating sessions at members’ homes. If you wish to join, please contact Linda Edinburgh at wedodit@comast.net.


. Adele Anish reminds us to save metal snap tops from cans to help support Ronald McDonald Houses and the families they assist. Watch especially for items from General Mills, Ziploc, Kleenex, Lysol, and Finish. Put these items in baggies and give them to Adele. Also save 1” x 1” box tops and give them to her. These help purchase school supplies for the Sanibel public school.


. Tzedakah cards that can be used for many occasions may be purchased from Renee Sugar for $45.00 for five cards. Your donations contribute to Bat Yam’s Tzedakah funds dispensed in the Spring to worthy organizations in the U.S. and Israel by the Tzedakah committee. Contact Renee at rsugar05@gmail.com.